Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lindsay Lohan ~ Will Not Be Copying This Look!

Ok, I'm sure Lindsay has a stylist, but if not, the designers of the dress and shoes should be upset that they are definitely not getting good advertisement with Lindsay in their pieces.

As a sewer/seamstress, I am appalled that this dress by Donna Mizani fits her bodice so poorly.  I am also appalled at how out of shape she is at such a young age.  I completely missed the shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti and my eyes were drawn right to her legs.  Is it just me or does her hair look like she just took it out of a package and pinned it on!

This poor girl.  I think she needs to take a long break and get some much needed rest and do some serious soul searching.  I know it's hard at such a young age, when you have access to your heart's desires, and not much of a positive family system.

I remember how crazy I was at her age, and I see my teens making crazy decisions in their lives.  Thank God most of us don't have to do it in front of millions of people.  Lindsay you should have given this dress back with the necklace, and shame on her stylist for not being real with her and looking out for her best interest and letting her go to an event looking like this.


  1. wow, she is a mess,I think she is just tolerated because her craziness makes for great magazine sales

  2. I agree. Not many truely worth fashion icons/celebs like they had back in the day (50's, 60's) to talk about so they do pretty much focus of the crazy ones. LOL

  3. Can she even afford a stylist these days...and you know her Mama says yes to everything! *LOL*

  4. For Lindsay to be in her early twenties she sure don't look like it. She looks closer to 35. She's be botoxing soon to deal with the premature aging from booze, drugs and hard living and that will only make her look even older. Wild child, she stays in court and rehab. Can't get decent work in Hollyweird. Too much too soon! We've all seen this scenario before with child actors. One reason why I don't like strapless dresses off the rack, they do need to be custom fitted to look right on each individual.